What is a sales pipeline and how to build it?

Posted on 1:52 am, February 1, 2023 by R P Jagdeeswari

1. Introduction 2. What precisely is a sales Pipeline? 3. How does the sales pipeline work? 4. What you’ll need before you start building your own pipeline? 5. Data analysis of sales pipeline 6. How to prioritize using a sales pipeline? 7. What phases should your sales pipeline consist of? 8. Key takeaways and best…

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Handling Sales Bottleneck Using Kanban View

Posted on 12:44 pm, January 30, 2019 by Grace Douglus

Bottlenecks can happen in any industry. It could happen in a truck company, restaurants, software industry, etc. You could pretty much run into a bottleneck situation in a number of scenarios. In most cases, unfortunately, bottlenecks are identified only after its occurrence and cause some productivity loss. It’s not always easy to find or resolve…

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How Pipeline management can make your business better?

Posted on 5:41 am, January 7, 2019 by Grace Douglus

The sales pipeline is the Google Maps for salespeople. It gives them exactly where they are, how are they are from landing the deal, and other opportunities. It is unequivocally a critical part of the sales process. A well-structured and effective pipeline allows salespeople to keep tabs on opportunities by tracking exactly which stage the…

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A Definitive Guide To Cloud-Based CRM Software

Posted on 12:38 am, December 11, 2018 by Grace Douglus

Cloud-based CRM software was initially designed to assist organizations in building and maintaining good relationships with existing and prospective clients. In the past decades, the process of managing and tracking customer relationships within the business was a time consuming and fragmented process. Despite the manual work involved, the business channels often led to missed opportunities….

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Collective Sales Pipeline in Single Dashboard

Posted on 3:07 am, April 19, 2016 by kdevarakonda

Apptivo comes up with an intuitive representation of sales tracking tools in the sales pipeline dashboard, that perfectly matches not only the requirement for salespeople also for anyone who wants to get super organized and close deals in less time. Apptivo Opportunity Pipeline Management classifies your opportunities under various sales funnel stages. This sales pipeline…

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