Contact Centric CRM Vs. Account or Customer Centric CRM: Which way to go?

Posted on 10:12 pm, June 14, 2012 by Todd Miner

Most of the early CRMs were contact centric by design, but many that came out in the last decade allow you to tailor the software to your needs. Apptivo allows you to implement either style of CRM, depending on your business requirements. A Contact Record forms the center of the universe in Contact Centric CRM,…

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How do I export all of my leads from Apptivo?

Posted on 5:59 pm, May 8, 2012 by Todd Miner

Export Leads from Apptivo For the purpose of reporting and showcasing, you must have the capacity to send out your information consistently. As well as taking a backup of all the qualified leads on a regular basis is the most essential step for your business, and Apptivo’s export feature is quite an effective one! Apptivo…

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