Why Customers and Businesses Love Live Chat in 2019

Posted on 7:10 am, February 18, 2019 by Vipul

Customer service is important and plays a crucial role in business. In today’s digital world, customers help to grow your customer base. It’s now easier to get online and share their experience. Customer satisfaction not just improves customer retention but also great influences in acquiring new customers. In 2019, live chat is an essential support…

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Why Integrated Phone Support is Vital?

Posted on 3:49 am, November 27, 2018 by Grace Douglus

The customer support sphere has become chaotic. Not only have the consumers increased, but the shopping journey and the methods used to contact support has become more complex. Customer representatives are faced with emails, chats, phone calls, and DM’s on social media platforms from customers needing help. Customer support representatives have to constantly juggle between…

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3 Easy Phrases To Improve Customer Interaction In Your Business

Posted on 5:28 am, August 2, 2018 by Grace Douglus

In 2018, we’ve got software for everything. Countless software to do the same exact things by different companies. So the stakes are always high when it comes to the customer service department. Either we win the customers’ loyalty or lose them forever! Some Certain words and phrases make a considerable impact. It can crush their…

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Updated Email to Case Feature – Automate Your Support Ticket System

Posted on 2:03 pm, October 3, 2013 by Todd Miner

While Version 5.0 has been taking the spotlight recently, we’d like to let you know about another cool enhancement to Apptivo! It’s been a while since we introduced the “email to case” feature inside of our Cases App for customer support, and there was one common request from many different users: automatically attach email replies…

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CRM Upgrades & Cases Version 5.0 Released – August 24th, 2013 Update

Posted on 6:55 pm, August 26, 2013 by Todd Miner

We hope everyone had a great weekend! This past Saturday (August 24th) we performed another update to Apptivo, which includes the new V5 Cases App. Now you can experience all of the great new features of the Customers App, present when managing your support cases. The Cases App is the second app from CRM to…

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