By default “Show All” would be the default page for your supplier invoices dashboard. supplier invoices dashboard can be configured by the app settings.

News Feed

Newsfeeds are the timeline happenings which is used to display the current activities of your employees. By default each and every event will be displayed in news feed on the supplier invoices home dashboard. It displays all the supplier invoices related activity, for the convenience you can filter the people’s activity by choosing their name.

Home, Settings, Notifications, Trash


It redirects to the homepage of the supplier invoices app. You can quickly track the recently created supplier invoice. It is used to offer a Newsfeed related to the supplier invoices App. It also provides the link to the individual along with the integrated apps.


The supplier invoice settings enables you to build supplier invoices app as per your requirements. This Settings provides you many configuration features that allows you to explore and customize your creation page , email templates, create access privileges , enabling security and other integrated options.


Supplier Invoice is powered by the global notification system in apps. This system allows you to receive updates to your news feed as well as email updates for many different events that occurs within the app. Each employee can configure their own supplier invoice notifications set up. Being a collection of methods that are often incorporated in many diverse settings in various ways, that are used to utilize the need of News Feeds and Email Feed for communication


Initially deleted supplier invoices will be found in “Trash” folder. From here you can “Restore” or “Delete Forever” a supplier invoice.

Search Supplier Invoices

Simple Search

In this tab you can search by basic information and searches across several fields including:

  • Supplier invoice number – This is an auto generated or manually entered number to identify the supplier invoice.
  • Supplier name – Name of the supplier.

Advance Search

If you are unable to get the desired result from the simple search, you can use an advanced search. With advanced search you’re able to find very specific groups of supplier invoices with the help of multiple search fields.

Recent Supplier Invoices

Supplier Invoices App provides an extraordinary section of recent supplier invoices which displays all the invoices created and modified recently, it displays them with when the supplier invoices starts. It is an easy to find recent supplier invoices and quick view of start date of the invoices.