Personalized Payment Terms

Payment terms are imposed to ensure that payments are paid in a reasonable period of time. Apptivo supports you to customize your payment terms for your supplier invoices. It may be immediate, one month later or any custom length. You can select the one of the default value or create your own payment term to your vendors.

Conditional Highlightings

Highlight your supplier invoices is a better way which make them stand out . You can set a criteria to highlight your supplier invoices. This feature allows you to identify the main objects, this will enable the colour based on your criteria. This configuration contains background colour, text colour and priority score to view your supplier invoices.

Get Paid Online

Paying online is the most easiest way for a business to pay money to your vendors. Send your invoices via email and pay it through the online payment gateways. Apptivo supports different payment methods:

  • Authorized. Net
  • Paypal
  • Zipmark
  • Wire Transfer

Paid Invoices Reports

You can easily track your full accounting records against your supplier invoices. General reports give the detail history of the created supplier invoices generally for the given period and also you can view the report conventionally for a particular supplier.

The general reports are classified into: