Supplier Invoices Attributes

Supplier Invoices App can be modified as per your requirements. One important tool for adjusting the supplier invoice is the possibility to add the custom fields. The supplier invoices attributes describe each and every field of the supplier invoices. These attributes are involved in the supplier invoice creation.

Attributes Description
Supplier Invoice # The unique invoice registration number.
PO# The number of a purchase order.
Supplier Name Specify Supplier name.
Supplier Contact The contact associated to the supplier will pre populated.
Supplier Invoice Date The supplier invoice created date.
Invoice # The invoice registration number.
Invoice Due Date Date on which the payment falls due.
Payment Term Select the payment period of the invoice.
Assigned To Employee assigned to that particular supplier invoice.
Currency Select the currency of the transaction.
PDF Template Select the email template from the list.
Tags Specify the tag which is the short label.
Item Select the item and specify item code, item qty, item rate, tax code.
Service Provided Specify the task name, hours, rate, tax code and amount of the service provided.
Sub Total The gross amount which includes the amount of the product/ service.
Tax The tax rate applied to the product or service provided.
Discount Discount rate of the supplier invoice.
Shipping and Handling Cost spent for Items and/or services including money, time and for labour.
Total Total amount of the supplier invoice