Supplier Invoices are nothing but the invoices that are used for recording money owed to suppliers and any tax applicable to the purchase. Supplier invoices are generated after receiving products from the suppliers. Customize your supplier invoices as per your requirement. You can also create a template with your business logo, Suppliers attributes and suppliers contacts information. The supplier invoices can be automatically collected through “Email to Supplier Invoice”. You can use the email ids or aliases to receive your invoices from the vendors.

Online Payments

Supplier Invoices payment methods are allow you to set a standard payment outlet for your online billing. You can also customize your payment period of your invoices. It may be immediate, one month due or any custom period.

  • – The payment gateway which allows you to accept credit card payments through online.
  • Paypal – The payment gateway which allows you to accept payment through online.
  • Zipmark – The payment gateway which allows you to bill-pay from your bank account.

Multi currency

Our multi-currency feature allows you to interact with businesses in other regions by switching certain apps to use their currency. You have the ability to allow your customer to owe in the currency of their choice within certain apps.