3. Homepage Setup

3. Homepage Setup

Let’s get started with the home screen! Configure your home page by setting the default home page, the background and text colors, and the order of the application in the universal navigation menu bar. Learn More

Customize Home Page:

1. Go to the User menu > Preferences. You’ll be redirected to the preferences page, where you can configure different features to customize your Home page.

2. Click on Customize Home, and you’ll be given the following customizations:

Default App View: Default View can be set to any App so that whenever you log in to your account, you will see the configured view.

My Apps: You can select the order of the apps to appear on the app menu to access them quickly using the dropdown.

Menu Bar: Determine how you will view and navigate between your business apps. Choose between a sleek and minimal set of text links or a tabbed list of large icons.This setting only affects your personal account.

Header Color: You can decide the background and text color of your dashboards like the company logo, color, and theme.