Importing is the automated input of data sets into your business accounts. The ability to import data is very crucial for any kind of business as it lessens the burden and saves time. If you have pre-existing data for your contacts, customers, and leads, you can easily upload them into Apptivo in seconds. This gives you the ability to upload a mass spreadsheet at once. The supported sources of data for import are only comma separated files (.CSV files).

Importing data is just a two-step process – Upload file, Map fields, and Import! Although it takes a little effort to learn, each of these applications will work the same.

When you switch over from a customer relationship management system to Apptivo, the Data Import feature lets you upload all your existing data into Apptivo instantly. With data integrity being the topmost priority, Apptivo uses leveraging import capability.

We offer the following Imports

If you still face trouble in importing data, feel free to find us via online agent any time. For a faster and quicker response, drop an email to, if you have any queries.