What is Apptivo?

Apptivo is a cloud based suite of 50+ integrated business applications. These applications help users save time, reduce errors, provide a central database of information, and provide tools to interact with their customers more professionally. Each application is designed to solve a specific problem for small business, and can be combined with other apps to create cohesive business solutions.

About the Apps

Delivering all of your business apps from a single platform comes with many advantages. The entire Apptivo platform is designed & constructed with several key attributes in mind:

  1. Easy – The same intuitive design standards are applied to every app, reducing your learning curve.
  2. Affordable – Our simple per/user price includes all applications & features. No add-on pricing.
  3. Integrated – Go from a sales lead, to a quote, to a project, to an invoice. All in one system!

Apptivo Solutions

While each app is designed to solve a specific business problem, the true value in Apptivo comes through building solutions. A solution is a combination of multiple apps used to automate an entire business process, such as combining the Project Management & Invoicing apps to form a solution which let’s you track hours against client, and deliver electronic invoices to collect payment. Your business can choose any combination of apps to create your own custom solution; here are some of the business functions our apps can serve.