Recruitment App is a core function of human resource management. Recruitment app has the flow of the process which is from hiring the candidates to appoint the job as temporary as well as permanent within the organization. Including title, recruiter, categories such as part-time, contract and full-time et al.


In Apptivo, all apps are deeply integrated which communicate with one another. Likewise, Recruitment App doesn’t just support your business with Recruitments. It can be integrated with the candidate app. Easily navigate to the candidate app from the recruitment app. It can manage the Employees app as well as teams app.


Recruitment App would be easy to keep track all the information about recruiter and their selected candidates. A Recruiter can add, select and reject the candidates using recruitment app. When you search the candidates it will show the list of candidates which was fetched from the candidate app.


  • Provides Newsfeed
  • Modify the status
  • Add notes for a Position
  • Integrated with Candidates
  • A quick view of selected offered and rejected Candidates by you.
  • Create Candidates