Sub Projects

Each project can contain a number of sub projects. A sub-project is structured like a project. Each subproject can be assigned to a project team (which should be a subset of the main project team) so a project might fall into a set of sub projects each being performed by a subset of the overall team.

  • Create subproject
  • Create multiple subprojects
  • Edit/ Delete a sub project

New project

You need to enter a project name, a short description about the project, the starting date of the project is set to the current date you are creating and the ending date of project in assumption and also it is optional.

  • Enter a project name and description
  • Set the project duration
  • Set the status and priority
  • Type customer name or create new customer
  • Choose a billing method
  • Enter a project base fee
  • Generate invoice for a subproject

From project template

  • Choose a template name
  • Enter a project name
  • Set project duration
  • Edit a subproject

From another project

  • Search and Select a project that you would like to choose
  • Enter a project name
  • Edit a subproject

Add existing project

One of the important features in the sub project is adding existing project at the time of creating the sub project. This allows you to retrieve all the existing properties from the project which you are adding.

  • Search and select a project
  • Add the project you would like to use.
  • Edit a subproject