This navigation part is landed in a port section of the project home page. It is the most important section because all the project option is displayed here. From here you can create a project, view of the project by status, project reports, etc.

Create project

The project can be created newly or from another project or from the project template.

  • Create a new project – the project can be created newly by giving the particulars related to project.
  • Create from another project – the project can be created using the other project this allows you to reuse the milestones, sub projects etc. From the existing project.
  • Create from Project template – the project can be created using the project template, before creating a project from the project template create and set the default template.

Project by Queue

By queue is the module which is used to view the sequence of your projects. This menu expand to show the list of Projects assigned to you, to your employees.

To Follow Ups

You can view the follow ups for continuous monitoring of the activities of the project. This menu shows the list of project follow ups for you, for your employees, and your team followups.

Project by status

It helps you to find the status of the project, like if the project has completed then it considered it to be completed status. For example: if the project is currently not required and need to upgrade more by fresh data in the future are kept in on hold status.

  • In Trouble
  • On Hold
  • On Track
  • Awaiting Kick Off
  • Completed
  • Behind Schedule
  • Pending
  • All

Projects By Priority

This priority views divide your projects into categories: High, Medium, Low and immediate depending on how you categories them.

Projects By Billing method

Projects app are support you to choose your own billing method while creating the project. This option shows the list of projects by the billing methods.

  • Project Flat Fee
  • Milestone Billing
  • Time & Expenses
  • Non-Billable


Projects App reports support you to keep track of important information in the name of the reports. The report uses a feature of exporting into excel format, sharing the reports with employees.

Quick links

You can view the saved related quick links for your quick reference.

Integrated links

Apps integrated with Project App.

  • Cases
  • Timesheets

Related Help Links

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Quick Start Guides

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