The projects app settings support you to configure the projects app in order to function according to your wish. Every business is different, so it’s always recommended you go through the entire setting process before starting any projects.


The general feature which leads to giving the access for pertained employees.


Collaboration is setting which includes all common features, this may allow you to give access for your employees to view the common activities found in app.

Quick Links

The purpose of adding the help links are helpful for quick reference about the app. You can add your reference links which guides you to specify the feature of the app.

Email Templates

Email templates are the newsletter which allow you to set up predefined messages. Message templates are customized email messages that you can send to your customers. Message templates can be used with any email sent from App, and they are also used for auto-reminders.

  1. Create your own message template
  2. Provide name, description and message
  3. Edit/Delete message templates
  4. Choose the template while sending mail to concerned person


Projects can be converted into timesheet and invoice depending upon the conversion settings. Conversion page can be restricted the objects to which project can be converted. It includes timesheets and invoices.

Configurable Features

Projects app allows you to customize your advanced features, which helps you to hide/show the sub projects,milestones and scope of the project.

Spend Authorization

Project budget

The projects which are billed to the customer, you can set a monetary budget allowed for the project. When creating the project, you’ll be able to specify the customer approved amount  for that project. At the end of the project, you can choose to invoice a flat rate equal to the budget. Once the Project budget tracking is enabled, you can view a billing method section in the project creation page.

The billing method depicts the customer approved rate for the project, the project rate based on the milestone and the project total fee based on the duration of the tasks performed by the employee.

Project Priorities

Project prioritization is a method to organize the priority of your projects. By default you have some basic priorities (low, medium, high) but if you have a lot of projects coming through your system, you may want to add additional statuses to help classify projects with more detail.

  1. Create your own Project priorities
  2. Provide name, description
  3. Enable or Disable the status
  4. Edit the Priorities
  5. Align the Priorities by Move up and Move Down

Project Statuses

Every project has a status assigned to it. This setting allows you to control the statuses are available for projects. You can also define your new status to describe the project.

  1. Create your own Project status
  2. Provide name, description and status of the project
  3. Enable or Disable the status
  4. Edit the status
  5. Align the status by Move Up and Move Down

Project Templates

The project template dashboard allows you to create templates for projects. You could create default templates for similar type of projects; select the templates when you create projects.

  1. Create your own project template
  2. Set name, description, status, priority, customer and duration
  3. Edit /Delete the template
  4. Choose the project template while creating a project

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are the common features for all apps. These are like business attributes which supports you to customize your business with the custom fields. They can be quickly and easily added for customization.

Create Custom Attributes

  1. Make use of your attributes
  2. Section the page
    • One column,
    • Two columns and
    • Table
  3. Drag and drop the attributes
  4. Like text, date, number, currency, Etc.
  5. Update them in the project creation page.


This setting allows you to control the security of the projects app.When you’re looking at the employee data level access, a project will only be visible to managers and the employee whom the project is assigned to. If you select “All”, then any user with access to the project app will be able to view all project details.

View Column Set

This is the feature allows you to customize your campaigns fields as a section as per your requirement. You can easily access your preferred section quickly to access your custom views.


Views are the filters that are easily accessible within the app, always found in the left menu. Views can be configured and set as per as your need.


Project API provides following API configurations

  • Create
  • Update
  • Query List
  • Query Count
  • Delete