Activating Contact Form

To activate Contact Form plugin, Check on Enable option for “Contact Forms” under Plugin settings in Apptivo General Settings.

Creating New Contact Form

  1. Enter valid Contact Form name and click on Add New. ( This Form Name will be saved as Lead Source in collected lead in Apptivo Leads App )

Configuring Contact Form

  1. Contact Form can be configured using the section “Contact Form Configuration”. ( This section will be shown automatically after first Contact Form is created )
  2. Select your Contact Form from the “Contact Form” Drop down.
  3. Select type of Template (Plugin or Theme) from the “Template Type” dropdown. Current version of plugin supports only Plugin Template.
  4. Choose one of the available layouts for the form from “Template Layout” dropdown.
  5. Content provided on field “Confirmation Message” will be shown in Site after user submitted this contact form.
  6. Custom CSS provides option to override styles of Layout choosen in Step 4. Refer Custom CSS help section for Style details.
  7. Option “Submit Button Type” provides option to select Button or Image to be placed for Contact Form submission.
  8. If Option “Button” is selected, User can provide text to be displayed in “Submit Button Text” field.
  9. If Option “image” is selected, User can provide the url of buttom image to be displayed in “Button Image URL” field.
  10. Leads collected through Contact Form can be subscribed to Apptivo Target List. Apptivo Target List for this form can be selected using “Apptivo Target List” drop down. ( Target Lists created in Apptivo Target List app will be listed on this dropdown )
  11. On selecting the “Apptivo Target List”, Admin can decide whether user should be added to the Target List by default, or end user to choose subscribe using the option “Provide subscribe option to user?”
  12. Totally 13 inbuilt fields and 5 custom fields can be added into your contact form using Contact Form Fields section.
  13. 13 inbuilt fields in Contact Form Fields section has options Show flag, Required flag, Display order (in the form) and Display Text to customize.
  14. Among 13 inbuilt fields Last Name and Email are by default mandatory and it cant excluded from the form.
  15. Custom fields can be of Field Type Check Box, Radio option, Select, Text box and Text area. Field values can be provided on Option Values.

Contact Form Shortcode

  1. Once Contact Form is created and configured, short code for the particular form will be displayed on “Contact Form Configuration” section.
  2. Shortcode for the selected form can be copied from the field “Form Shortcode”
  3. Paste the short code on the Page or Post.

Custom CSS

Below are the list of CSS Style class names used on Contact Form. Below style class names can be defined in “Custom CSS” field in “Contact Form Configuration” to apply your styles.
Label : absp_contact_label
mandatory : absp_contact_mandatory
input text : absp_contact_input_text
Select : absp_contact_select
textarea : absp_contact_textarea
select : absp_contact_select
input checkbox : absp_contact_input_checkbox
input radio : absp_contact_input_radio
submit : absp_contact_button_submit