Apptivo: A Labor of Love

Until now, the cost of software alone made it impossible for many small businesses to keep up. Problem is, the vast majority of companies in our world are not huge corporations, but small and moderately sized entrepreneurial ventures. Determined to fuel the growth of small businesses around the globe, the innovators at Apptivo have been hard at work, drawing on their individual strengths and talents to level the playing field.

Apptivo is a labor of love, envisioned by a small close-knit group of industry leaders and software pioneers, with the vision of taking the tools that were, until recently, only available to corporate giants and putting them in the hands of those whose blood, sweat, and tears drive the world’s economy.

Bastin Gerald, Founder and CEO, believes that when software is affordable and easy to use, small businesses run faster, better, and cheaper. Before the creation of Apptivo, he spent five years at Cashedge, building applications that are currently being used by eight of the top ten US banks and major brokerage firms. He has eight years of experience at Oracle, the gold standard of business software, creating applications for supply chain management, product lifecycle management and financials.

Gerald has drawn together like minded individuals whose extensive collective resume includes top talent from Fortune 500 companies. Together they are devoted to working with startups and changing the way small businesses are managed. Gerald knows that people can’t change the world alone. Our business is a prime example of that synergy, powerful innovation that comes from people working toward a common mission, becoming more than the sum of their parts. Welcome to Apptivo, software that grows with you.