Create Opportunity

An opportunity is the second step of the sales process.  Although sometimes you’ll start the process of a new sale by creating an opportunity, usually you want to convert a lead into an opportunity. If you haven’t taken a look at the Leads App yet, head over the  Leads App Quick Start Guide to get started with sales force automation. There are still scenarios where you want to create an opportunity without a sales lead first.  This will happen if you are working with an existing customer, or you are very confident the deal is likely to proceed forward.

  • Entering data in opportunities creation page
  • Collecting Opportunities through emails

Enter data in opportunity creation page

    1. Log in and access Leads App from your universal navigation menu bar.
    2. Click on “Create Lead” button from the left navigation panel.
    3. Fill in the following information:
      • Name – Name for the opportunity
      • Customer – Select customer from predefined list
      • Close Date – Choose estimate closed date from calendar picker
      • Probability – Set the potential amount
      • Sales Stage select sales stage in predefined list.
      • Lead source – Select lead source from predefined list .
      • Next step – Enter the text for closed deal.
      • Assigned to – Select employee who this opportunity will be assigned to, by default, it is assigned to the person creating the opportunity.
      • USD – Enter the amount.
      • Campaign – Search and select the campaign name.
      • Description – Description about opportunities .
      • Tags – Search and select the tag related to the opportunity.

 Company Information

    • Territory – Select a territory from a predefined list.
    • Market – Select one/Add new. Segment – Select from predefined list.

Collect opportunities through emails

You can automatically create opportunities when a customer emails you for support. You can use email ids or aliases to receive emails from your customers.

Email authentication

In order to receive emails in opportunities App, you need to authenticate your email address in IMAP settings.

  • Receiving Email Account – Your Email address for authentication.
  • Password – Enter the password of your email address.
  • IMAP Host Name – Host name of your email address for example: if you have Gmail account then host name is “”.
  • “Addressed To” Email Account – Either you can choose same account or can redirect to email list.
  • Port – port number of the domain for example: port number for Gmail is 993.
  • Assigned To – Select an Employee to whom it should be assigned automatically.