There are several special features provided in Ledgers App. Each and every basic feature in ledgers app is described in detail.

Creating Journals

A journal is a record of debit or credit transaction entered into a company’s accounting book. In Apptivo, you can create a journal allowing you to log the transactions in a chronological order. It can be created in two ways:

  • Create a New Journal.
  • Create a Journal using a template.

Configuring Accounting Periods

Accounting Period is the period for which accounting books track business transactions. When you make accounting entries, you specify the period in which you want to record that transaction. Accounting Calendar allows you to define these periods.

Configuring Accounting Rules

The accounting rules in Invoices and Expenses Reports are integrated with Apptivo Ledger App. This helps to fetch the particular transaction of invoices to the correct journal entry. Using accounting rules, you can set your own criteria and debit/credit the invoice amount for that particular journal entry. So, once a trigger is set and initiated, then automatically all the invoices that amounts with that criteria will be sent to the Ledger.

Bank Reconciliation

The Ledger app ensures bank reconciliation, that is, the amount on the bank statement is compatible with the amount in the company’s cash ledger. Using this, the differences in transactions over a certain period can be determined.

Create Transaction Template

You can create your own templates for transactions to load your entries to create a journal. You can use these templates on the journal creation page.