Ledger App can be modified as per your requirements. One important tool for adjusting the ledgers, is the possibility to add the custom fields. The ledger attributes describe each and every field of the journal. These attributes are involved in the ledger creation.

Attributes Description
Journal Template Select the template from the list.
*Journal # Specify the journal number manually or it can be auto-generated.
*Period Specify the period of the ledger.
*Transaction Date Specify the transaction date of the ledger.
Recurring Journal Slide the Toggle ON to create a recurring journal.
Reverse Journal Slide the Toggle ON to reverse a journal.
Journal Type Select the journal type from the list.
Batch Name Select the journal batch from the list.
Tags Select the tag which is a short label.
Total Debits Total Debits of the ledger created.
Total Credits Total Credits of the ledger created.