Collaboration is setting which includes all the common features, this may allow you to give access for your employees to view the common activities found in app.


Communication allows you to keep track of all communication information of your leads for your business. It includes:

  • Phone Types
  • Email Types
  • Address Types


Leads can be converted into opportunity, customer and contacts depending upon the conversion settings. Conversion page can restrict the objects to which leads can be converted. It includes opportunity, contacts and customer.

Customize App

Customize App provides common features of Leads App. These are like business attributes which supports you to customize your business with the custom fields. They can be quickly and easily added for customization. Leads App allows you to add any custom fields that aren’t provided on the creation page by default.

Email to Lead

You can collect leads when a user emails you. You can use email ids or aliases to receive emails from your users. If a user sends an email to authenticated email address then he will be collected as a lead with his email address.

Employees Range

Employees range indicates the number of employees working in lead’s concern. Click on create button to create employees range.

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Google form integration

Google Forms Integration allows configuring a Google Form to create a sales lead in the Leads App. When creating your Google Form, You will need to have an API access, as this feature will use your unique API key and password inside of the special script. It provides script to be used, while capturing leads using Google form. Just copy script from this API access and paste it on Google form script editor to generate a lead.

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Industry plays the major part of the population. Here you’ve provided with frequent industry that may be relevant to your business, for example: Aerospace & Defense are an industry, you can create the lead related to this, which may be applicable to your business.

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Lead Ranks

Lead ranks is a method to organize the priority of your sales leads. By default you have some basic priorities (low, med, high). But if you have a lot of leads coming through your system, you may want to add additional ranks to help classify leads with more detail.

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Lead Sources

Similar to the lead status, lead source is another attribute that can be assigned to a lead. Customize this list based on where you acquire leads from, helping you understand which lead channels are the most effective.

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Lead Statuses

Every lead will be assigned in a status when created.Here you can adjust the statuses that are available within the app. To disable an existing status, click the edit button, and then set the end date to today. You can also add additional statuses by clicking the create button in the upper right corner.

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Markets & Segments

A market is used to define a specific group of potential leads, who share common traits. Typically you will divide your leads into markets which allow you to easily segment efforts and apply the same/similar tactics for the entire market.

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Message Templates

Message Templates will allow you to set up predefined messages. Message templates are customized email messages that you can send to your leads. Message templates can be used with any email sent, and they are also used for auto-reminders.

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Sales Territories

A territory defines a geographical region which leads resides in. It may include regional or national level for larger businesses and city/state/country level for small business houses. You can add sales territory by clicking “Create” button in the top right corner.

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Leads App salutations allow you to create your own prefix for your leads needed for your business.

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This setting allows you to control the security of the leads app. When you’re looking at the employee data level access, a lead will only be visible to managers and the employee whom the lead is assigned to. If you select “All”, then any user with access to the leads app will be able to view all lead details.

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Tags setting allows you to label your leads for defining leads It includes:

  • App Tags.
  • Global Tags

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View Column Sets

View Column Set – This feature allows you to customize your contact fields as a section as per your requirement. You can easily access your preferred section quickly to save your custom views.

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Views are filters that are easily accessible within the app, always found in the left menu. Views can be configured and set as per your needs.

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Leads API provides following four API configuration

  • Create Lead
  • Read Lead
  • Update Lead
  • Delete Lead