This navigation part is landed in a port section of the Invoices home page. It is the most important section because all the invoice is displayed under the following lists.

The invoice navigation which describes the specific actions related to the invoices. These features are confessed on the configuration, they can be configured with your requirement.

Create Invoice

You have the ability to create a new invoice, from another invoice, from the project, from the timesheet, from a work order and from an order.

Invoice Home

It is directed to the home page of the invoice, to know the specific history about the employee activities.

By Status

The invoices created can be separated based on their status. You have the ability to print PDF, send invoices to the customers, record payment, make as an archive, void the invoice and export them into IIF beta.

Past Due

The payment that has not been made as of its due date. An invoice which is past due will be collected under past due.


The invoices which are not paid yet will be found under this tab.

Recurring Billing

The invoices with recurring payments, generally the recurring payment period is monthly, bi-monthly or weekly happens on the same date each period until the invoice is paid.

Invoice Queue

It has the ability to queue the approved work orders and timesheets for the easy view and generating the invoices. If the same customer has more than one approved work orders or timesheets they also included in the same invoice.

Payment Reminders

This is maintained for the reminders of past due invoices, you can set the automatic reminders, these are managed in Settings where you can create one or more to apply to your invoices. These can be removed, disabled or edited at any time, for instance if your payment terms change.


Export the invoices in quick books IIF beta. This may include the period for viewing the invoice summary.


Generate reports are very useful to extract a set of records easily. In invoices the reports are customized according to their timesheet the reports are customized according to their month, according to the employee name and general reports are also extracted easily. So it makes easy to export into MS-Excel.

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