Recurring invoice is flexible, letting you decide whether invoices are emailed out automatically. Send an invoice to your customers on a regular interval for the same amount of product/services provided. Enable the recurring invoices to generate new recurring invoice for the customer.

Once the recurring invoice is generated, All the recurring Invoices will be shown under the following tabs:

Recurring Invoices Menu


All the currently active recurring invoices are found under this tab. There are action buttons to pause/resume the recurring invoice and/or to ‘stop’ the recurring invoice.


All the expired/stopped/completed recurring invoices can be found under this tab.

To be emailed:

All the created recurring invoices which are about to send to the customer can be found under this tab. (To be emailed)

Create Recurring Invoice

If you’ve a customer who pays the same amount for every month – just create or set-up recurring invoice with how often that invoice recurs and send invoices regularly to your customer.
Note: If you create recurring invoicing for your customer, then you can record the payment for each and every child invoices but not for parent invoice.

Schedule Recurring Invoice

Schedule makes invoicing easy by viewing everything you need in one sheet, so you can send an unlimited number of customized invoices and track them all. An invoice schedule consists of the invoice months, amounts that are used for the creation of invoices and total amount of invoices. The invoice status of an invoice schedule can have four different schedule type: Planned, Invoices, Collected, Overdue.

Stop Recurring Invoice

You can stop recurring invoices and also recurring billing, this will permanently stop notifying the customer. (Note: you cannot withdraw or undo the invoice once stopped).