In Apptivo, Invoices app allows you to create an invoice from various ways.

Create invoice from Orders

Create Invoices from Orders allows to see the Sales Orders pending to be invoiced and automatically generates the corresponding item lines based on orders. If there are several Goods Shipment that take place in orders – several item lines are generated in Sales Invoices are generated for each items with its description.

Create invoice from Projects

Create invoices for the hours logged in a project, based on the project billing method the invoice amount will be accumulated.

Create invoice from Timesheets

Create invoice for customer approved timesheets, once the timesheets gets approved from customer, you can instantly view the generate option in timesheet view page. You can also create invoice for more than one timesheets for the same customer.

Create invoice from Work orders

Create invoice for work orders, if your employee completed the service requested by customer on his location.

Create invoice from another invoice

The invoice can be created followed by another invoice, the base information of the invoice will be carried through to the new invoice creation page. It can be modified and send to customer.

Create invoice from estimates

The invoice can be created from estimates or quotation approved by customer, once the estimate gets approved from customer, it can be converted into invoice. Note: The estimate cannot be converted to invoice multiple times.

Create invoice from opportunities

Invoices can be created from opportunities, the deal which are closed won against the customer can be converted into invoice directly.

Create recurring invoices

The customer who pays the same amount for every month – just create or set-up recurring invoices with how often that invoice recurs and send invoices regularly to your customer. You can specify a schedule for a recurring invoice and automatically generates invoices based on this schedule.

Create invoice with recurring billing

When you create an invoice, you can enable automated payments if you are using as a payment option. When your customer pays for the first time, Invoices app will create a payment profile with this gateway and your customer will be automatically billed periodically. You will see a section called “Recurring payments” on the Create Invoice Screen.

Create invoice with credit balance

Create invoice for the customer’s overpaid amount, if your customer has overpaid to your business, you can apply this amount while creating invoice.

Before creating invoice, you need to configure invoice numbering and invoice lines through settings. You can also customize PDF templates of an invoice that how it looks for a customer.

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