Workbench Requests

Workbench request nothing but having the list of approved work orders, where it should be under the same customer category. If the user wants to initiate payment for one or more invoices or scheduled payments you can use this workbench request. This works only for the approved work orders, where it should be under the same customer category. With our invoice workbench, you can create an invoice with the list of work orders for the same supplier category. No need of selecting the all work orders manually and generating the invoice, if the customer has some number of approved work orders then we can create an invoice with all those details and send it to the customers. Below procedure involves how well we can create an invoice and sent it to the customers.

Reminder Queue

Invoice reminder queue are managed to create one or more to apply to your invoices. These can be removed, disabled or edited at any time, for instance if your payment terms change.
Create and send invoice to customer, if your invoice goes unpaid. This will use all the active reminder rules for your invoice, and you can view the invoices under “Payment Reminders” menu.
In order to view invoices under reminder queue, just configure settings with two steps that is to create and customize payment reminders. Reminders which are enabled with“Show in Reminder Queue” option will be listed in payment reminder dashboard.

Invoice Queue

Apptivo supports you to have a quick view of approved work orders and recurring invoices that to be mailed in the notion of invoice queue. So it makes you easy to create an invoice directly.

  • Timesheets
  • Work Orders
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Delayed Invoices
  • Outstanding Invoices

Recurring Invoices

If you’ve a customer who pays the same amount for every month – just create or set-up recurring invoice with how often that invoice recurs and send invoices regularly to your customer.

  • Active
  • Stopped
  • To be Emailed

Recurring Billing

When you create an invoice, you can enable automated payments if you are using as a payment option. When your customer pays for the first time, Invoices app will create a payment profile with this gateway and your customer will be automatically billed periodically. You will see a section called “Recurring payments” on the Create Invoice Screen.

  • Active
  • Stopped

Invoice Statuses

Status Description
Draft When you create and save an invoice, it will be in draft status. A draft status indicates that invoice can undergo further modifications.
Sent A “Sent” status for an invoice indicates that you have sent the invoice to your customer at least once by clicking on the ‘Send’ link or you have marked the status as ‘Sent’ by clicking on ‘Mark as sent’ link.
Viewed When an invoice is recently viewed, it is said to be in the viewed status.
Paid If the invoice sent by you to your client is paid, then the invoice is marked as paid.
Void If the invoice is no more needed for your business or it is mistakenly created for your client, you can view it in “Void” status. You cannot recover once it gets voided.
All You can view all statuses invoices which includes invoice drafted, viewed, paid etc.