The Invoice record is used to store all the invoice information and to display the payment information regarding the invoice. Invoice information includes an invoice number, customer, services provided, items/products, credits, tax applied, payment term, invoice date.
Invoices App can be modified as per your requirements. One important tool for adjusting the invoice is the possibility to add the custom fields. The invoice attributes describes each and every field of the invoices. These attributes are involved in the invoice creation.

Attributes Description
*Customer Type in the customer name, the field will be auto populated or can create the new customer.
Contact The contacts associated to the customer will be pre-populated.
Sales rep Employee assigned to that particular customer will be pre-populated.
*Invoice # The invoice number is a unique registration number (in case of correspondence about the invoice)

*Invoice date The invoice created date for the customer.

Discount The discount allowed to the customer, can mention manually in percentage or at a fixed rate.

*Payment term
This term defines the payment period.
PO/WO number
It is a reference number of the purchase order for the future reference.

Template This is the default format for invoice with more styling options including logo, sections, business attributes, customer attributes etc.

*Currency Multi currency capabilities allow to develop and maintain productive relationships with international customers and vendors while handling a number of transactions in any number of currencies.

Notes to customer The description about the created invoice is given as a note to the customer.

Services provided
Create the invoice for any services by filling the actual values.

Task name The name of the task can be defined as the services.

Hours The duration of the tasks is mentioned here.
Rate The unit price for the tasks.
Tax code You can choose what tax type to be applied.
The total amount accumulated for the hours and rate for per hour along with tax is calculated as an amount.

Notes and delete icons are the preferred icons. You can add more description either for services and/or items.

Products/items sold

It allows to enter the fields such as item name, quantity, Rate, Tax code and Amount.
The subtotal is the gross amount which includes the amount.

Discount field will be accumulated from sub total and the value given in percentage or fixed amount.

The tax is applied to the items and/or services.
Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling are the cost spent for products/items and/or services including money, time and for labour.

Promo code

The promo code is a code that is used to identify the person or company. It’s used to give you a discount due to some sort of special.
Total amount that this invoice holds including tax, discounts etc.

Credits are followed from the credit notes. This is the sort of customer over payment.

Amount due

Amount due is the subtraction of total amount and credit amount.

Recurring billing

Charge Frequency, Start date and End date available in this recurring Billing
Action buttons

These are nothing but having the options such as add tasks, add items, preview, save for later and email invoice.

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