About Nexmo

Nexmo provides Voice APIs that allows applications and businesses to connect with their customers efficiently.


Integrate Nexmo with your Apptivo account and extend your reach to offline customers


  • VOICE API: Get in touch with your offline customers via Voice calls.
  • Toll-free number: Communicate more efficiently through voice calls with a toll-free business number.
  • Anywhere, anytime: Make voice calls to customers anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • New lines of communication: You can now make voice call to the customer to keep them informed.

With Apptivo-Nexmo integration, you can:


  • Capture recordings and metadata from calls to measure and improve your marketing campaigns.
  • Protect users’ privacy by connecting them without revealing their phone numbers.
  • Make navigation easy for callers with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application and simple text-to-speech (TTS).