Create a customer rewards program with Apptivo’s loyalty management system


The Apptivo’s Loyalty Management App helps to make your customers happier. This app allows you to create campaigns and integrate with other apps like customers and distributors. By using the Loyalty Management App, you can create a campaign with events based on customer points. Once the customer meets the points needed, you can generate certificate (coupon) to that customer. Qualified customer can redeem the certificate. For example create a campaign “Daily Fresh” with 100 points. Customer can purchase any items above 100+ points. For each 100 points Apptivo will generate one certificate/coupon. Using this certificate/coupon customer can get discount.

    Example Success Story of a Loyalty Program

  • We understand it might be difficult to envision what rules you want to have when running your loyalty program, so we’ve got an example for you. Below you’ll find a link to a case study of one success story of the Apptivo Loyalty Management App, Big Train. Big Train is a global manufacturer and distributor of gourmet drink mixes. They operate a program called “OnTrack Rewards ™”, which is a solution designed to perform the following:
    1. Create an efficient way to give back to loyal repeat customers that support Big Train brands.
    2. Stave off new competitive threats by offering greater value.
    3. Build relationships with foodservice operators to get better market data: “what do our customers want?”

  • To see their complete story, read the Big Train OnTrack Rewards case study.