1.  Why is my Contact sync disabled in Apptivo Automatically?

Contacts Sync won’t disable automatically please check whether your contact sharing app in Google market place is available or deleted.

2.   How do I check Contact sync is enabled in Apptivo?

After installing Google contact sharing, check whether contact sharing configuration has been switched “On” from Contacts App Google Apps Integration settings.

3.   How do I enable employee login through contacts sync?

While Importing Employees from file or Yahoo, Provide employee login access for them after configuring Google market place for adding employees.

4.  What is the average time of Contacts Sync updated in Google?

It depends upon the background jobs performed. As the job gets completed, it will get updated in Google.

  • Free firm job interval – 15 Minutes.
  • Paid Firms job interval – 10 Minutes

5. What is the restriction on contacts sharing?

It depends upon your Apptivo account. If you have free forever account, you can’t add more than 10 users. If you have paid account your user contacts sharing is unlimited. Read here.

6.  Do employees have Add / Edit access or Super user access?

Yes, from contacts sharing you can provide employee to access or edit contacts. While adding additional employees in contacts sharing you can provide this access to them.

7.  What is a background job?

You can find background jobs in your Apptivo account, which helps you to understand synchronization process.

8.  How to have secure data level access to contacts sharing?

Contact sharing data level access is secured by restricting employees to view contacts shared within Apptivo. You can assign employees to each and every contact shared.