Now that you have a high level understanding of Apptivo, it’s time to start setting up your business!  Here is a quick roadmap for you to follow to a successful implementation.

  1. Learn about Apptivo (Done!)
  2. Identify the right solution
      1. Pick one of the popular solutions from our community page
  3. Choose a starting point
      1. Focus on 2-3 apps to start, then add more from the app store
  4. Set up the business & add users
  5. Import your data & start using!

How do I get started with Apptivo step by step?

  1. Sign up as a new user or sign up with PayPal account.
  2. Enter the business information such as business name, location, contact number and set your preferred time zone.
  3. Choose the application bundle that you would like to access or work.
  4. Go to Employees App to create your users or import users.
  5. Give them App access, the users will receive an email with their username and password generated by App.
  6. Go to CRM to import your data such as leads, contacts, customers. If your requirement is for items then import items in Items app.