Financial Apps

Financial category is the best module to offer wealth management of the business, property management, business deal quote, profitability of items/products, etc. Following are the applications available in financial module, based on the business requirement these apps can be used or implemented with data and values. All applications are tightly integrated with CRM module & also with each other, it supports in the conversion or transformation of one object to another. Based on the employee role in applications, the user can access module or apps.


This the database of properties information from your business account. Properties refer to land or buildings you manage. Units refer to the inhabitable spaces within those properties. Typically, you’ll create one property for each lot or physical building.
For example, if you manage an apartment complex with several buildings or an association of detached homes, you may choose to create a single property that represents the entire complex.


Invoices App lets you bill customers easily, and integrates with sales information already stored. Customers can pay online instantly with a link sent via email, or download a PDF to pay manually. Doing business with a client on a regular basis? Create invoices and set recurring dates to automatically send them.


The Estimates App is a simple way to provide sales quotes to your customers. You are able to track sales opportunities, generate estimates for them, and then convert this estimate into an invoice or work order once completed.

Sales Receipts

Sales Receipts app, although simple, is very useful for providing customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Best of all, it takes little to no effort from you to create customer receipts.

Supplier Invoices

The Supplier Invoices app allows you to create supplier invoices based on the Purchase order and invoices you received from the supplier. The main advantage of using this app is able to record the invoices and it would help for accounting all the way.

Fund Raising

Fund raising helps you to create funding rounds and maintain the list of investor leads. An investor lead is the one who has interest in investing in your company during the funding rounds. You need to maintain accurate information relating to your investor leads.


The Ledger App is a simple method to keep track of general company expenses and financial information. Use the ledger app to organize financial expense accounts, then record transactions against these accounts to understand where your company funds are being used.

Credit Notes

Credit Notes App lets you note customers easily, and integrates with sales information already stored. You can create note for Credit purchase, Over payment, Product return.


You can connect your business with existing companies(customers in Customers App), manage business connections requestions and approved connects in Xinnect App.


Receivables app is a place to store all records of payments received from your customers. This app works together with the Invoices App to separate your billing from payment collection.


Payables app allows you to save all your supplier payments. All payment details related to your suppliers could be recorded here. This app integrates well with Supplier Invoices and Suppliers.

License Tracker

License Tracker App supports you to help you organize the licenses owned by your company. It is a single app for your business to manage all licenses, regardless of where and when a license is to be renewed.

Insurance Tracker

Insurance Tracker App assists you to organize the insurance owned by your company. It is a single app for your business to manage all insurance, regardless of where and when insurance is to be renewed.

Kit Orders

A kit order is for a company who sells products, and it allows them to combine estimates, purchase orders, supplier invoices, and invoices to your customer into a single page for calculating margins.