Create Expense

When tracking expenses in Apptivo, there are individual “expenses” and then “expense reports” which contain expenses. You’ll commonly refer individual expenses referred to as “expense lines” as well. You can either create an expense report, and enter multiple expenses at once, or in this case, add a single transaction to be submitted later.

Apptivo’s expense report software also allows you to connect credit card transactions, which are treated the same as any expense you manually enter.

Create Expense reports

Expense reports are the one or more expense lines, create a expense report and submit it for an approval to a manager.

We make it easy to create expense reports using multiple existing expense lines so you can reduce the amount of time spent to re-record all the expenses in report and submit it to manager.

Bank Accounts and Credit Card Integration

You can connect bank account to the Apptivo Expense Reports App. After connecting the account, you will be able to sync all transactions from your credit cards or bank account, and then include these transactions within expense reports.

View team members expenses

The expenses reports submitted by your employees can be viewed in “My Employees Expense Report” menu. It allows you to view the Expense Report waiting for your approval i.e your employee had submitted the expense report to you for the approval, Expense reports waiting for others approval i.e your employee had submitted the expense report to the third tier manager which is termed as waiting for hierarchical level approval and at last the “Approved” and “Rejected” which will show the approved and rejected expense reports in the appropriate menu. These are the seeded values that system provides to filter the records accordingly.

View submitted expenses

By status allows you to filter the expense reports based on their status. Expense Reports statuses has the seed values as default they are “Not Submitted”, “Submitted”, “Approved”, “Rejected”, and “Resubmitted”. You would also view your own expense report status. From this view you are also allowed to perform bulk action against expense reports records.

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