Left navigation panel

This navigation part is landed in a port section of the estimates home page. It is the most important section because all the estimates options are displayed here. From here you can create an estimates, have a view of the estimate by tags, custom view reports.

Create Estimate

The Estimates can be created newly by entering the required information in the appropriate fields.

Create New Estimate – The estimates can be created newly by giving the particulars related to estimates.

Create Fixed Estimate – It allows to create a new estimate without items and service line, instead of that you can create an estimate for fixed price.

Show All

It helps you to find all the estimates created. By clicking on Show All, all the estimates will be displayed, you can have an overview of them.


In estimates aap, Reminder navigation is used view the estimates which are having the overdue date and allows to customize the reminder by estimates settings.

View by status

The estimates created can be separated based on their status. You have the ability to print PDF, make as an archive.

View estimates by Tags

These tags are used to filter the estimates easily by their association. For an instance, you have created a tag with name “Primary Customers”. Now, the estimates associated with this tag can be viewed by clicking on primary customers under By Tag.

My Views

A custom view is a feature that allows you to view estimates information with preferred data fields. You can select the columns you would like to view and save it as a shortcut, displaying only the custom fields required.

Shared views

This is a feature which allows you to view the custom views created and shared by your employees.