The estimate dashboard helps to answer the question “What information does Apptivo Estimates App feed for my business?”, the page displays the estimate-specific data that’s associated with your business. it also allows you to see the updates at a glance. These updates can be customized according to your requirements.

Estimates Newsfeed

Estimates news feed displays all the product-specific activities. For the convenience you can filter the people’s activity by choosing the name.

At the top of the Newsfeed the field called filter feed by which filters the activity according to the selected name. Choose the employee name by clicking the dropdown People, search the people using the search option in the drop down or else select the employee name you would like to view the activities.

  1. Click Apply to perform this action.
  2. You can type your own comments in what are you working on? Editor folio and post them.
  3. You can seek the Newsfeed by search Newsfeed above the post folio.

Home notifications and settings

The dashboards are more efficient and ease to find all the feature. You can find three gear icons namely home, notifications and settings. This header part is the master one which follows to every page so that you can easily direct to the page you would like to view for.


This icon redirects to the home page of the estimate.


The estimate app is powered by the global notification system in all Apptivo Apps. This system allows you to receive updates to your news feed , as well as email updates for many different events that can occur within the app. Each employee can configure their own estimate notification set up.


A estimate configuration enables to frame the estimate with a perspective you need to record as per your requirement. An Apptivo estimates have covered with settings which attain such qualities.

Search Estimates

Simple Search

Simple search allows you to search an estimate using a single search field located at header bar. You can simply type the name of the estimates, it will gives the appropriate result to your search.

Advanced Search

If you are unable to get the desired result from the simple search, you can use an advanced search. With advanced search you’re able to find very specific groups of with the help of multiple search fields.

Recent estimates

Apptivo provides an extraordinary section of recent estimates which displays all the estimates created and modified recently, it displays them with status, estimate # and estimate created date.