Estimates app allows you to modify your business with the custom attributes. One important tool for adjusting the estimate is the possibility to add the custom fields. The estimates attributes describes each and every field of the estimate. These attributes are involved in the estimates creation.

Attributes Description
Estimates# The Unique registration number of an estimate.
Estimate Date Creation date of the estimate.
Customer Customer name is mandatory field in estimate creation page.
Expiration Date Specify the date on the estimate get expired.
Contact The contact associated to the customer will pre populated.
Template You can create your own template and select the template.
Payment term This term defines the payment period.
Currency Select the type of currency.
Discount The rate of the discount for a Item / Service Provided.
Billing Address The billing address of the contact will be pre populated.
Shipping Address The Shipping address of the contact will be pre populated.
Email Id Specify the contact email id.
Phone Number Specify the phone number of the contact.
Notes to Customer The description about the created estimates is gives as a notes to customer
Tags Select the tag which is the short label.
Service Provided Specify the task name, hours, rate, tax code and amount of the service provided.
Product/Item Sold Select the item and specify item code, item qty, item rate, tax code.
Subtotal The subtotal is the gross amount which includes the amount.
Discount Discount field will be accumulated from subtotal.
Shipping and Handling Cost spent for Items and/or services including money, time and for labour.
Total Total amount of the estimate.