Estimate Creation

The estimate can be created manually or automated, when you convert opportunity into estimate, the estimate creation page automatically filled with information from opportunity. You can override the details of opportunity to create estimate.

  • Create new estimate
  • Create fixed estimate

Estimate Conversion

The estimate can be converted into various objects such as invoice, order, work order, kit order and project. Information included in estimate can be carried through the object of different application. The estimate can be multiple times converted into project or kit order but only once with invoice or order or work order.

  • Convert estimate into invoice
  • Convert estimate into order
  • Convert estimate into project
  • Convert estimate into work order
  • Convert estimate into kit order

Estimate Statuses

Status Description
Created When you create and save an estimate, it will be in created status. A created status indicates that estimate can undergo further modifications.
Sent A “Sent” status for an estimate indicates that you have sent the estimate to your customer at least once by clicking on the ‘Send’ link or you have marked the status as ‘Sent’ by clicking on ‘Mark as sent’ link.
Converted When an estimate is converted to an invoice, it is said to be in the invoiced status. Once an estimate is invoiced, you cannot change the status of the estimate.
Approved If the estimate sent by you to your client is approved, then you can mark your estimate as approved. An approved estimate can be converted to an invoice.
Rejected If the estimate was rejected by your client, you can view it in “Rejected” status. If however, you were asked to rework on the estimate, you can do so and send it by email again and change the status to approved, once your customer approves it.
Void When an estimate sent to your client is awaiting approval, it is in the ‘Sent’ status. If the estimate crosses the expiry date or if this is needed no more then you can void the estimate gives it the “Void”status.
Change Requested When the customer/client requested some changes in the quote. You can rework on the estimate, you can do so and send it by email again. It is in the “Change Requested” status.
All You can view all statuses estimates which includes estimates sent, drafted/created, voided, approved etc.