The Estimates App is a simple way to provide sales quotes to your customers. You will be able to track the sales opportunities, generate estimates for them, and then convert this estimate into an invoice or work order once completed.

Online Quote Approval

Online approval process relies upon the timely and productive communication between a customer and the business. An automated quote approval process involves a workflow. The process starts with a quote request and usually ends when a quote is approved or abandoned, or when the project is created based on the quote.
Customers/client users can receive email notifications of estimate created for them. If the Customer clicks the estimate PDF link and clicks Approved, the Estimate Status automatic action updates the status to Approved. If the customer change requested (Submits his request using “Change Request” button) is assigned to the next workflow step, the Estimate Status automatic action updates the status to Change Requested.

Automated Quote Process

Workflow Based also referred to as an automated quote process, you can convert prospecting opportunity to estimate and override a piece of estimate information in estimate creation page.