This navigation part is landed in a port section of the Employees home page. It is the most important section because all the Employees are displayed here. From here you can create an Employee, view the Employee by tags, departments, custom view reports.

Create an Employee

Employees are group of individuals hired by the employer in order to carry out the duty related to their concern. In Employees app you can create and maintain the list of all employees in your company.

Mass Role Assignment

The owner of the firm (person who created the first account in your company) and Super Users (person with access to all modules) have access to Human Resources module by default and can make mass role assignment to all the employees or certain departments employees.Mass role assignment – As it’s a special feature, it will prompt you to upgrade your plan

Terminated Employees

Employees who have been terminated from their services can be kept separately with the help of the Employees App.

View By Directory

These types of filter display an employee according to the employee’s last name. You can view the appropriate employees under the directory by choosing an alphabet from the directory.

View by Department

These filters show employees based on their department. This provides an insight view over the employees belong to various departments.

View by Location

These filters will display the employees based on the location configured in the app. You can segregate the employees based on the locations.

View by Job Title

These filters will display employees based on the job title configured in the app. You can segregate employees based on their job title.

Quick Links

The quick links allow you to access common features from anywhere inside of Apptivo, such as creating a new user, changing your password, or importing business contacts.Don’t be too confused, as each of these features can also be access through other channels. For example, creating a new user from the quick links will actually create a new record in the employee’s app. Importing contacts will simply add contacts to your contacts app, and changing your profile is the same as going to your preferences page.
The quick links themselves remain the same on all pages, but the various help links below will change based on the page. Below the quick links are links to relevant help articles that will assist you in using the current application you are viewing.

Integrated Apps

The Candidates App connects with Recruitment, Employees and Teams App. Automatically accept candidate submissions directly from your website.