End Employment

Employees App helps you to maintain all your firm employees’ details at a single source. Once the employee quits the job or been terminated from services. You can end employment for the particular employee.

App Access Privileges

The owner of an account (person who created the first account in your company) and Super Users (person with access to all modules) have access to Human Resources module by default, they can add new employees and assign them roles.

Attaching Agreement

Attaching Agreement is like a debt instrument that certifies a contract between the employees and the organization.It is a standard document that maintaines the loyality between the employee and the Top ranking personalities.

Typically employees and employers frequently reach agreements that must be documented. Each agreement can be uploaded directly to the employee record, and the types of agreements is controlled through configuration. Some standard types of agreements provided by default are an employment agreement and options agreement.

For example, and employment agreement might contain their job description, salary, benefits, or any other arrangements made during the hiring process. An options agreement might include a promised incentive for achieving certain performance metrics, such as receiving a cash bonus if a sales goal is met. Agreement types can be created, and existing agreement types can be edited.