Enable Apply Coupon

This setting controls whether you would like to allow users to enter coupon codes during checkout. Coupon codes can be created within your Apptivo firm using the Promotions App. If enabled, users will see a promotion code field in their shopping cart.

Shopping Cart Coupon Codes

Enable Gift Note

This setting allows a customer to purchase a product as a gift, and provide a note to the receiver during the checkout process. If enabled, a “Gift Note” field will appear on the final checkout step.

Gift Note Field

Zip Code to Calculate Tax and Shipping(default)

This setting allows you to manually calculate shipping costs from a single zip code. Typically, an eCommerce site allows users to provide their own zip code to calculate shipping. If this setting is enabled, shipping will be automatically calculated from the zip code provided in the next field.

Shipping Zip Code

Zip Code

This setting is required if the above setting is enabled. This is the zip code which all shipping calculations will be made from.

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