The Direct campaign allows you to quickly launch a campaign without creating any target list. You can select the contacts directly from the Contacts app or enter email addresses directly while creating a campaign.

In the Direct campaign homepage, you can create new direct campaigns or filter the existing campaigns with tags, custom view reports etc to get its detailed info. You can also create a direct campaign and set it to launch at a future date.

Create Direct Campaigns

To create a new direct campaign, click Create > Quick Campaign in the Campaigns app. Before creating a direct campaign, you need to ensure that the Email Tracking in the Homepage Settings is enabled. There are two ways to create direct campaigns they are as follows:

  • Contacts – This allows you to track the emails sent to contacts based on the desired contact attributes (Contact Details, Contact Information etc.)
  • Emails – This allows you to define the criteria based on the email attributes (Subject, Sent Date, Template & Tags). So based on these attributes, the contact’s sent email history can be tracked.

Show All

It helps you to find all the direct campaigns created, presented in a table format. By clicking on Show All, all the direct campaigns will be displayed, where you can have an overview of them.

View Direct Campaigns By Directory

In Direct Campaigns app, By Directory helps you to view any particular group of direct campaigns using alphabets or to view all campaigns by the help of “All” option which is located at the top of the directory. These are like filters, using which the appropriate direct campaigns can be viewed, by choosing an alphabet from the directory.

View Direct Campaigns By Tag

These By Tags allows you to filter the direct campaigns easily by their association. For an instance, you have created a tag with name “Active List”. Now, the direct campaigns associated with this tag can be viewed by clicking on the Active List under “By Tag”.

My Views

A custom view is a feature that allows you to view the direct campaign information with preferred data fields. You can select the columns you would like to view and save it as a shortcut, displaying only the custom fields required.

Shared Views

This feature allows you to view the custom views created and shared by your employees, ensuring the ability to integrate.