Report is a systematic document which defines about the subject or problem about the app which may include the record of a sequence of events, significance of those events and also the result of that particular event. Reports allows you to Customize your searches of objects related to the app, and then save these searches as reports, any list of saved reports can be quickly viewed, instead of re-entering your search query.



Exporting to a CSV or XLS spreadsheet allows you to extract particular information from your data in an efficient manner. Using a program like Excel, you can apply your own custom filters, or modify the data in ways that cannot be performed inside of the Apps.


Data storage and Trash

Trash – Trash option allows you to perform the following options

  • Deleted
  • Archived

Deleted – Initially deleted customers will be found in this “Deleted” tab. From here you can “Restore” and “Delete forever” a customer.
Archived – If any deleted object associated with other objects then you can find them in “Archived” tab.

  • If the Customer is associated with any app – then if we try to delete from “Deleted” tab it will be found in this “Archived” folder.
  • If the Customer is not associated with any app – then if we delete from “Deleted” tab it will be deleted permanently.