Roll back edits and customizations and start afresh with the help of this Revision History tab found inside the Apptivo Apps.

Revision History in Apptivo is really a useful feature for all users where you can have a view of all the changes you have made so far in one central place. You can also go back and restore to any of your previous versions anytime you require.

It is a handy feature for anyone who makes changes constantly to the layout on a regular basis. As a business person, it is easy to roll back to any of the previous edits or to the standard one.

Have a look at the steps to view the Revision History:

  1. For instance: Go to the Leads App.
  2. Click on Leads Settings -> Customize App -> Master Layout.
  3. Click on the Revisions tab next to the Inspector tab.
  4. You can now view the Revision History with previous revisions done.
  5. Click on a revision to view that edit and click Restore this revision link to get restored to that revision.
  6. revision history

With this way you can go back to any of your previous version instantly.