Entering data in opportunities creation page

Opportunities can be manually created with customized predefined attributes of opportunities creation page. There are many fields which are required to move sales process into next level. And the most important feature is reports which display the custom search results with graphical representation.

Use opportunities fields

  • Name – Name for the opportunity
  • Customer – Start typing in the field, as it populates the existing customers list
  • Close Date – Choose estimate closed date from calendar picker
  • Assigned to – Select employee who this opportunity will be assigned to, by default, it is assigned to the person creating the opportunity.
  • Probability – Set the potential amount
  • Sales Stage – Select sales stage in predefined listy
  • Lead source – Lead source defined as a lead which comes from particular source such as word of mouth, cold call, website etc. By default, App will provide you with predefined list
  • Next step – Enter the text for closed deal
Import opportunity records from CSV
Opportunities can be collected from emails
Convert leads into opportunity