An opportunity is the second step of the sales process. Although sometimes you’ll start the process of a new sale by creating an opportunity, usually you want to convert a lead into an opportunity. If you haven’t taken a look at the Leads App yet, head over the Leads App Quick Start Guide to get started with sales force automation. There are still scenarios where you want to create an opportunity without a sales lead first. This will happen if you are working with an existing customer, or you are very confident the deal is likely to proceed forward.

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Opportunity creation

Opportunity Conversion

Left Navigation

Configuration features


Global Features

  • Search – Simple search allows you to search using a single search field located in the header bar.
  • My Views – Save your custom view of opportunity information for your future reference.
  • Shared by others – Share your custom views with others.
  • Common activities – These are the activities found individually on each and every app.