Manage key details about each contract that is drafted and/or signed during the sales & account management processes. Contracts will be visible from within customer accounts and sales opportunities. All contracts will be searchable to identify upcoming expiration dates, and will support creating contract variations whenever deal terms change.

In Apptivo, you are allowed to create two types of contract,

  1. Retainer Contract
  2. Sales Contract

Sales Contract

A sales contract is a sales agreement made between the dealer and purchaser. It is a binding agreement concerning the deals and conveyance of products which are vital to know. Having made a sales contract will help you down the road avoiding problems, ensuring confidentiality. Apptivo Contracts App can help you with creating all of your legal agreements at ease. Click here to create your Sales Contract now.

Retainer Contract

Retainer Contracts deals with the agreement of employment of resources or employees, which may be full-time or part-time. Retainer Contracts are most useful for businesses that consistently works or does services on a contract basis. Or in other terms, it may be a professional agreement to make your services (your employees work) available, to your client/customer for a predefined number of hours with a timeframe.