Contacts Sharing

Share your Google App Contacts

What is Contacts Sharing?
Apptivo Contacts Sharing is here to help you share and synchronize your contacts in Google Apps. Share your contacts – employees and business contacts for all the employees in your firm. Contact information once updated is shared across all employees across your firm.
Many users of Google Apps for Business are interested in sharing their contacts across the organization. Apptivo makes this possible with Google Contacts Sharing. With a simple set up, in Google Contacts, two new groups are created – Apptivo Employees and Apptivo Contacts. All employee and business contacts information is now shared across all employees.
  • Share business contacts company-wide
  • Get an employee directory or address book of your co-workers
  • Know email sender’s complete contacts details when you receive an email in gmail
  • Synchronize contacts company wide on all devices – iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, Outlook etc.
  • Supports unlimited users and contacts
  • Administrator can enable Google Contacts Sharing for all or only specific employees
  • Integrates with Apptivo CRM for full fledged CRM capability
  • Replication of Google contacts in Apptivo
  • Two way sync between Google Contacts and contacts in Apptivo’s CRM