Control Data-Level Access

If you do not wish all employees to have access to every contact, you will need secure contacts sharing. Secure sharing works by assigning contacts to employees or teams and restricting access so only these assignees can share the contacts. When this mode is enabled, access is still provided to administrators and managers. Anyone who is a manager of an assigned employee will receive access to that contact as well, in addition to that manager’s manager, continuing on up the hierarchy of managers. Also, any employee with a Super User role gets access to all contacts. Follow the instructions below to secure data level access to an individual or a team.

Setup Instructions

  1. Go into Apptivo’s Contacts sharing by clicking the “More” drop-down in the top Google navigation.
  2. apptivo contact sharing

  3. Configure your settings by clicking on “Settings” from “More” icon located at the app header bar.
  4. settings
  5. Set your Contacts Access Level to either All or Employees.
  6. access level
  7. When creating or editing a contact, you can control who has access to this contact.
  8. assigned to
  9. Share contacts with an employee or team. Search, add and save.
  10. employee or team