You can use grouped viewing to set up a view column to show custom fields of cases. The example below shows you a view that groups all fields according to a view column set we created.
You are allowed to save your custom view and share with your users.
Custom views of cases are:

  • View Column Set
  • My Views
  • Views Shared by Others
  • View column set
View Column Sets

You can view cases with your preferred columns (fields) by default, you are provided with the peculiar feature which allows you to customize your own defined fields.

  1. In Settings, click on “View Column Set” from the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on “+” icon to add column set.
  3. Enter the name for column set.
  4. Choose your preferred fields to view Cases list.
  5. Click on any view to view your cases list. Choose your column set that you added.
  6. You can able to view the customized fields as shown in the image below:
My Views

By default you can view fields such As Case #, Status, Type, Priority, Assigned To and Summary.
If you want to view more case information, you need to select fields from “Display” field.
You can save our custom view of case information for your future reference in “My Views”.

The example below shows you my views:

  1. Choose your preferred columns(fields) to display from “Show All”.
  2. Search and save the result.
  3. You can view the saved views in “My Views”.
Share Your Custom Views

In order to share your views with your employees, you must enable the “Share with other Users” option. While saving your custom view you must enable the option to share with other users. This allows your user to view the shared views in their account.

Shared Views

You can view the views shared by others in your account.
Click on “Shared Views” from the left navigation panel.