Key Business Benefits

  • Implementing Apptivo CRM, organized the customer data and helped MediPro to track prospects in the sales pipeline
  • License tracker increases service management efficiency and reduces security and compliance risks
  • Complete data on prospects, current customers, on-going deals, and sales pipeline is available in a single view
  • Real-time monitoring of sales activity and performance increases efficiency of sales team

Streamlining MediPro’s sales process using Apptivo CRM

MediPro provides a complete healthcare solution with an interactive and cost-effective suite of applications and services.


As MediPro grew, they needed a solution to efficiently manage its growing customer base, products & services. They didn’t have any solution in place that could scale along with their business.

The following are the key challenges that MediPro faced from the technology perspective:

Missing Streamlined Sales Process

The sales process was controlled manually by MediPro employees. Though the process was functional the data was not organized. They did not have any form of marketing activity such as cold calling or email campaigns. Management had no way to track or view the sales activities and its data to help them make an informed marketing or sales decisions.

As the company grew, managing a growing mass of leads in different stages of the sales process had become complex.

Inefficiency in Managing Assets

MediPro has an assortment of assets such as computers, software, furniture, equipments etc. Details of each asset have to be tracked. All the assets have to be managed efficiently to get an insight and perform follow up & renewal activities. Also, the management was not able to trace the license renewal date of the software they had sold.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analyzed the requirement in detail and provided Apptivo CRM with Contacts, Customers, Leads, Opportunities, and Employees apps to solve the challenges.

Optimized Sales Process

Apptivo designed a robust sales process which enabled the management to view the sales pipeline and enabled the employees to view the stored prospect information. The new solution created an organized structure and seamless flow of customer data which resulted in better customer service and opportunity management.

An optimized sales process standardizes interaction between salespeople and customers which gives consistency to the customer relationship. An effective customer relation boosts productivity and reduces time spent on redundant activities. Apptivo CRM provides centralized sales information that makes life easy.

Each step of the sales process, right from initial contact to closing the deal are defined and a workflow moves the data from one stage to another seamlessly which was not available earlier.

Asset Management

All assets are easily tracked with solution provided by Apptivo. A License tracker has been integrated with the CRM to track assets and renewal information. A software expiration notification will be sent via email to the customer with asset details such as license number, license expiration date, plan type etc.

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