Key Business Benefits

  • Sales team can generate leads and close deals faster knowing their target audience with improved sales conversation process
  • Ability to log calls and all client and prospect communication boosts efficiency
  • Track progress of employees and their schedules
  • Identify and track opportunities in different stages and strategize sales

IRI Case Study – Creating transparent Sales Pipeline using Apptivo CRM

IRI is an American market research company which provides market intelligence and analysis for consumer and retail industries. Their main focus is on the consumer packaged goods industry.


IRI helps their customers by providing marketing analytics solution. As the business grew, the need to manage the customer data and a visible global sales pipeline was needed. An unified process to track opportunities was missing.

IRI faced challenges from technology perspective as detailed below:

Opportunities were not tracked

IRI receives a lot of prospect information as opportunities. In the past, the Sales team at IRI did not have all the prospect information in hand while following up. This resulted in a large number of failed opportunities. Balancing the time spent on following-up on opportunities with the time spent acquiring new business was difficult for the sales team.

Managing sales activities

Sales activities and the sales pipeline for each executive had to be tracked and managed which did not happen earlier in IRI. Management did not know which sales activities drove the business and yielded more result. Sales effort could not be tracked for each executive.

Client Conversations

IRI wanted to log all the client and prospect conversations. All the meetings, notes, calls were required to avoid knowledge transfer to team members. IRI Management wanted to reduce time spent to share information. They also wanted any employee to be able to assist a prospect or client even if the employee who previously helped the client or prospect was not available. The system that IRI was using did not allow them to record the conversation logs.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which can seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analyzed the requirements in detail and provided a solution that has CRM apps, Contacts, Opportunity, and Employee to solve the challenges. The solution suggested by Business Analyst from Apptivo enabled to manage their sales processes and respond to customers based on their past behaviors and their segmented demographics.

Sales Pipeline

With the Apptivo Opportunity app, the Sales team could now track opportunities at different stages in sales pipeline. Management can now know in which stage an opportunity lies and whether it has been won or lost, if it is lost for what reason. The data gathered can be used to identify the area where they lack efficiency and revise their marketing and sales strategies. Apptivo CRM provides Contacts, Customers, Leads and Opportunities app to track sales. Team from IRI can convert a prospect to contact or customer or as an opportunity. The performance dashboard shows won/lost analysis as well as plan for sales.

Activity Management and Reporting

Apptivo Contact Manager stores contacts, reminders, files and all communication history. This helps IRI to manage their sales team activities. IRI can generate various reports, such as, Sales report to keep track of sales team activities and intelligence report with analytical data.

Conversation log

With Gmail and CRM synced, employees can work with right information at all times. A seamless integration of CRM with calendar allows syncing employee’s appointment in the calendar. A seamless integration of email with calendar allows them to schedule appointments with the prospects.
All the log activities notes, meetings, and calls are attached at the company level to avoid needing knowledge of conversations happening around a specific opportunity or person. Earlier employees from IRI were not able to take notes and attach it but now they use Apptivo iPad app to take notes directly and store it.

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